Thursday, January 7, 2016

Big changes coming to ASP.NET 5/MVC 6!

You have probably read a lot of hype about the big changes coming to ASP.NET 5/MVC 6 and now that ASP.NET 5 is in Release Candidate, the RTM release is very near on the horizon.

So you might be interested in what is coming for the future RTM release of ASP.NET 5/MVC 6.

If you look at the roadmap for ASP.NET 5, you can see that it is scheduled to be released in the next few months of this year:

If you want to get started reading articles about ASP.NET 5, you can go through the ASP.NET vNext site here:

However, if you are most interested in what to expect in terms of changes with ASP.NET 5, you should definitely check out this article:

Some of the very interesting points to note is that VB.NET will no longer be an out-of-the-box supported language!  C# will be the primary language of choice for ASP.NET 5!

Another major difference is the removal of ASP.NET Web Forms support.  While ASP.NET Web Forms will continue to be supported on .NET Framework v. 4.6 with Visual Studio 2015, it seems that the trend is not to continue the product in active development going forward.

Another big change is that the MSTest framework is essentially going away to be replaced by xUnit.NET!

I have been using MSTest since the very first release with Visual Studio 2005 and have been using it ever since.  Though I have occasionally used nUnit in the past, I have never played around with xUnit.NET thus far, so I have to begin transitioning over to this new Unit Testing Framework as part of my preparatory training for ASP.NET 5/MVC 6!

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