Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Visual Studio Partner Offers-The offer that you selected is only available to Visual Studio subscribers.

If you are an MSDN Subscriber (which you can obtain through a variety of means such as through the Microsoft Partner Network), you may be interested in using Visual Studio Partner Offers.

Generally, you can access all of the MSDN Partner offers through here: https://vspartner.com/vspartneroffers

However, once you click on a Partner Offer, you will be prompted for a Subscription ID:

Unfortunately, if you own an MSDN Subscription through a Microsoft Partnership for example and you enter your MSDN Subscription ID, you will get the following  message:

In the past, I was able to redeem these Partner Offers!!  However, Microsoft has since changed their policy towards Partner Offers and now they reject everyone except direct paid subscription customers!!

Therefore, even as a Microsoft Partner or if you own an MSDN Subscription through some other channel, you are now excluded from many of the benefits offered to other MSDN Subscribers!  This reduces the overall benefit I (and I am sure many others) used to gain from having an MSDN Subscription!

UPDATE: Microsoft has updated the way you access these benefits and you can now access these MSDN Benefits by logging into this Url insteadhttps://my.visualstudio.com/benefits


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