Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Configuring workflows for SharePoint 2013

If you have started experimenting with SharePoint 2013, you may have discovered that you cannot create SharePoint 2013 Workflows after a fresh installation of SharePoint 2013!

Instead, the only available workflows you get out of the box with SharePoint 2013 are SharePoint 2010 workflows!

Well, as you can read from this article, SharePoint 2013 uses a new model for developing workflows based on what is called the Windows Azure Workflow service:

Therefore, in order to install and configure the Windows Azure Workflow Service, you have to follow the instructions provided here:

Unfortunately, as is the case with most Microsoft documentation, there are elements missing from the configuration steps.  Most notably, there is no information or guidance given on how to use the Custom Settings (because nobody ALWAYS installs with Default Settings do they???)

I have provided screenshots of the Custom Settings screen which should be pretty self explanatory for the most part.  The only major piece I had to guess at was the "Certificate Generation Key" screen.  Based on the description, I figured it would be similar to the SharePoint Farm Passphrase and since it configured successfully, it appears that I was correct!

By far, my favorite features of the installation wizard were the ability to easily copy the settings and also save off the commands as PowerShell commands!!  What an amazing timesaver!  

Of course, since SharePoint 2013 supports .Net 4.0/.Net 4.5, I can easily use PowerGUI to run the Register-SPWorkflowService command:

To make sure you are running the correct PowerShell command, verify your IIS Bindings for port information.  In my case, I am running https on port 12290.  

If all worked correctly, you should now be able to see SharePoint 2013 Workflows available when you open SharePoint Designer 2013!


  1. Hello Samir,

    Please see that the documentation for doing custom configuration is present here:

    Documentation mentioned at is to get you going with Workflow Manager setup quickly.

    For complete reference of Workflow Manager, please see the documentation here:

  2. Hi, Given second link is not available now, can you please provide me the right url.


  3. The second link seems to be working just fine for me....