Saturday, July 28, 2012

Visual SourceSafe Upgrade Wizard introduced for TFS 2012

For those of you have had to migrate from Visual SourceSafe to earlier releases of Team Foundation Server, you probably know how painful it was to migrate using VSSConverter and manually modifying XML Files to get everything properly working:

However, that is all changing with the release of Team Foundation Server 2012 with the introduction of a Visual SourceSafe Upgrade Wizard built right into the Team Foundation Server 2012 Administration Console:

For some reason, the link is broken to actually download this tool in the Release Candidate version, but you can see what the tool supposedly looks like from here:

NOTE: This tool supports migrating to either TFS 2012 or TFS 2013 even though Visual Studio Gallery only officially mentions TFS 2012 support.

With the end of life for Visual SourceSafe rapidly approaching, Microsoft is attempting to migrate all of their current Visual SourceSafe users and developers onto Team Foundation Server 2012 in a relatively painless migration process.

It should be exciting to see user experiences with migrating from VSS to TFS 2012 using this new GUI Visual SourceSafe Upgrade Wizard!

Here are guidelines and instructions on using the Visual SourceSafe Upgrade Wizard:

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