Thursday, July 19, 2012

End of Silverlight for SharePoint 2013

Remember when you had to install the Silverlight plug-in in SharePoint 2010 just to be able to create new Lists and so forth?  Remember how annoying that was especially if you did not already have the Silverlight plug-in installed on your computer?

At least for me, it was doubly annoying because whenever I had to show someone how to perform any administration actions, chances were that they also did not have the Silverlight plug-in installed!

Well, fortunately, Microsoft wisely dumped the dependency on Silverlight in SharePoint 2013.  They have wholeheartedly adopted pure old HTML5 and CSS to be able to manage those administrative operations now.

I would personally like to know how this works on various mobile devices since Microsoft has definitely been tooting their own horn about how much better SharePoint 2013 supports mobile devices.

From an initial glance, it seems like it should work just fine.

I guess we will just wait and see how this functionality evolves over the coming months prior to the RTM release!

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