Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Sitefinity 5.1 Released--Not as great as the hype...

Well, Sitefinity v. 5.1 was recently released and I am sorry to say that it definitely does not live up to the hyper.

  1. I was initially expecting a complete abandonment of the Silverlight components in the Administrative backend in favor of their Kendo UI controls but I was sadly disappointed.  Silverlight continues to pervade the application even after the upgrade, thus continuing to cause problems with using alternative browsers for multiple file uploads.
  2. In addition, the Sitefinity website promises the v. 5.1 release to be "lightweight and superfast".    However, the system requirements for the application pool continues to be a whopping 500+ MB.  That seems like hardly anything but "lightweight"!  When I think of lightweight, I am thinking something that is not a HUGE memory hog.  This requirement is approaching something like the memory requirements of SharePoint and it has far less functionality!
  3. Sitefinity v. 5.1 promised to have a lower overall memory footprint so that it would be better supported in shared hosting environments.  Well, most shared hosting providers only offer 100 or 200 MB application pools, thus making it nearly impossible for most shared hosting providers to support Sitefinity.  If shared hosting providers were to suddenly offer 500+ MB for each application pool in their environment at a cost of $4.95 to $9.95 per month, they would most certainly go broke very quickly!
  4. Sitefinity promised a re-design for the v. 5.1 release with much increased performance over v. 5.0 of the release.  It should be well noted that Sitefinity has yet to release any benchmarks comparing any v. 3.7x release against any v. 4.x or v. 5.x release!!  Well, just from some preliminary testing, I have not seen any noticeable performance improvement between any prior v. 5.x release and v. 5.1.  It continues to be as slow as molasses which still makes me crave the good old days of Sitefinity v. 3.7.  I think what disturbs me most about the release of Sitefinity v. 5.x (and even v. 4.x for that matter) is that Telerik's own website did not seem comfortable enough to even upgrade to either the v. 4.x release nor the v. 5.x release even after the Sitefinity team released a migration module to support migrations from v. 3.7x!!  (Just do a view source on their website and look at the meta tags for the Sitefinity version number).  This either means that Telerik has no confidence in its own product or that its conversion tool is only designed for the most basic of scenarios, thus making it useless for any significantly complex websites.  Even a platinum Sitefinity partner such as Falafel Software is not ready to throw in the towel on their old Sitefinity v. 3.7x website implementation (on which their own website is based) and migrate to the Sitefinity v. 5.x release! 
  5. The only redeeming quality I have found with the Sitefinity v. 5.1 release has been its introduction of support for ASP.Net MVC 3.  This should significantly aid development efforts that are now shifting away from traditional ASP.Net Web Forms development towards ASP.Net MVC development using HTML5, jQuery and CSS3.

So, if you were like me and holding your breath in anticipation of the v. 5.1 release, you can breathe in and out again.  Unless you need to be using ASP.Net MVC in your CMS platform today (or yesterday) Sitefinity v. 5.1 is definitely NOT worth holding your breath for....

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