Thursday, July 19, 2012

InfoPath 2013 gets a much needed refresh

For those of you familiar with InfoPath 2010 Designer, you probably knew how painful it was to work with an IDE that pretty much dated back to Visual Studio 2005, thus restricting all of the favorite features you have come to love with Visual Studio 2010.

Well, it appears that Microsoft got the formula correct this time, because this was the error message I received after clicking on the Code Editor (on the Developer tab) in InfoPath Designer 2013:

Well what do you know??  InfoPath 2013 utilizes the latest and greatest version of the IDE (looks like they have not re-dubbed it to Visual Studio 2012 yet....)

If you click on the link to download "Microsoft Visual Studio 11 for Applications", you arrive here:

This is an add-in/extension for Visual Studio 2012 that allows you to develop code for InfoPath 2013 Forms!  What a concept!

Thank you Microsoft for finally giving us an IDE for InfoPath development that is not 2 releases behind the current version!

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