Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Deleting individual Internet Explorer Cookies

If you still use Internet Explorer (mostly because you are forced to do so for numerous websites), then there is a high probability that, like me, you are extremely frustrated with Internet Explorer's lack of ability to view and delete individual cookies on the machine.  This feature is missing even in Internet Explorer 9, while it has been present in alternative browsers such as Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox for a very long time.

Of course, if you visit certain banking websites such as nowadays, these websites require the presence of a cookie on your machine in order to verify that you are truly who you say you are.  If that cookie is not present on your machine, you have to go through this tedious process of re-verifying your identity before you can log in once again.  Needless to say, deleting all cookies on your system is NOT an option. 

Fortunately, though, some clever developers have created a tool to allow users like us the ability to easily view and delete individual cookies on our machine in a manner similar to Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.

The tool is called IE Cookies View and you can find it available for download from CNET here:

Alternatively, you can review more information about the tool and download it directly from their website here:


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