Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Firefox v. 7.0 released!

It seems that Mozilla Firefox is now attempting to keep pace with the rapid development and release cycle of Google Chrome and they have recently released v. 7.0 after having released v. 6.0 only several months earlier.

As with all releases of Firefox, it may take several months before the 3rd party plug-in support catches up with the most recent release of Firefox, which may slow the adoption rate of the latest release of the browser.  Of course, if Mozilla Firefox keeps up this fast and furious pace, 3rd party vendors may not be able to keep up at all leaving hundreds of thousands of users with previous versions of the browser in order to maintain plug-in compatibility support.

The improvements in v. 7.0 over the prior release of v. 6.0 remain to be seen.  Only time will tell as to whether or not this new strategy adopted by Mozilla Firefox will be a successful strategy in reducing or diminishing the rapid adoption of Google Chrome as an alternative browser to both Microsoft Internet Explorer as well as Mozilla Firefox.

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