Friday, December 16, 2011

Jetbrains Resharper Developer Productivity Tool

I have been using Jetbrains Resharper since the release of Visual Studio.Net 2003.

The primary feature I used at that time was the automatic curly brace and semicolon completion for C# (which is not still available out-of-the-box for Visual Studio 2010).

Aside from that very convenient feature, there are several benefits to using Resharper in recent releases.

  1. Resharper now ships with a set of default style rules that allow you to control the naming conventions and standards within your code.  If you create code that violates those standards, Resharper offers suggestions on how to correct these issues.
  2. Resharper provides an easy way to remove unused using directives in C#
  3. Resharper provides the handy feature of being able to convert string concatenations to using string.Format instead
  4. Resharper provides suggestions for class and method modifiers (such as public, private, internal etc.)
  5. Resharper provides suggestions on when to use the var keyword rather than strongly typed variables.
  6. Resharper also supports Solution Wide Analysis of a Visual Studio solution by pointing out errors ranging from C# code errors to HTML and JavaScript errors.  However, this should be used with caution since this process runs in the background and is very processor and memory intensive.
  7. Resharper provides another very handy feature of being able to collapse if/then statements into statements using the C# ternary (?) operator.
  8. Finally, Resharper provides one of my very favorite and extremely useful features while working in C# of allowing you to view the top of a statement block when selecting an ending curly brace.  This is especially useful when your are scrolling through a screen and the top of the statement block may not be visible within the confines of the Visual Studio screen area.
Of course, there are many other features that are available in Resharper and the Jetbrains team continues to enhance the features and functionality included in Resharper with every release.

If the feature set I have described above interest you, you should try out Resharper for yourself and see if it improves your overall productivity!

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