Monday, December 12, 2011

Telerik JustCode Developer Productivity Tool

While many of the features that are present in Telerik JustCode are very similar to features in various other Visual Studio Extensions, one of my favorite features by far is the background compilation feature.

If you are familiar with common build/debug operations within Visual Studio, you probably know that refactoring operations often require a re-build/re-compile operation before any errors appear in the Error List in the Visual Studio IDE before proceeding with additional refactoring operations.

Fortunately, though, Telerik JustCode is able to perform this compilation while you are editing code directly within the Visual Studio IDE.
This unique feature performs a background compilation of the Visual Studio project/solution as you are continuing to work within the Visual Studio IDE (with no noticeable performance degradation).  Therefore, while you are performing refactoring operations (such as moving a method from one class to another), you can easily click on the Status Bar to see the current errors in the solution and proceed to fixing them without having to perform a complete re-compile of the project or solution!

The other side effect benefit from this background compilation operation is that you are much more easily able to detect unused variable declarations within your code and thereby able to remove them.

In addition, this feature seems to significantly reduce overall build time when you actually wish to execute a debug session for your application!

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