Thursday, April 24, 2014

Backing up Windows and Program Settings

With the Windows platform, you may have found there is a whole host of tools that can provide you with backup capabilities for your system.

Most backup tools will allow you to easily backup your file system or even IMAGE your entire computer!

You can find such tools like Acronis True Image to help you with these types of tasks:

Some backup tools will go even further and allow you to backup SOME Windows and Program settings such as Internet Explorer settings and your Outlook or Windows Mail settings.

You can find programs like Genie Backup Home 9.0


Easeus Todo Backup Home/Workstation:

However, what if you use browsers such as Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome and you want to back up those settings as well?

Well, I have only found one Windows tool thus far that can accomplish that for me and that tool is BackRex Easy Backup:

BackRex allows you to backup settings from Windows, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Outlook as well as several other programs.

Overall, the cost of the software is very affordable and very useful if you find that your SETTINGS are just as important as your FILES:

As you have obviously guessed by now, this tool is invaluable for me and therefore I keep it as part of the standard software I need for my Windows workstations.  Perhaps you will find this tool just as useful and handy as I do!

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