Sunday, April 27, 2014

Using Team Foundation Server 2013 with SQL Server Management Studio

You may know that SQL Server Management Studio does not provide any source control provider support out-of-the-box as is the case with editions of Visual Studio starting with Visual Studio 2010.

This can be shown by going into the Tools-->Source Control menu in SQL Server Management Studio:

Fortunately, there is a way to provide Team Foundation Server 2013 integration with SQL Server Management Studio.  You can use the MSSCCI Providers that are available free to download from Visual Studio Gallery:

TFS 2013 32-bit MSSCCI Provider

TFS 2013 64-bit MSSCCI Provider

Since SQL Server 2012 still only supports 32-bit, we will need to download and install the 32-bit MSSCCI Provider.

Once you install that provider, you will now see the following option in SQL Server Management Studio:

That is it!!  That is all you need to do to enable Team Foundation Server 2013 support for SQL Server Management Studio!

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