Thursday, September 18, 2014

Limitations of PowerShell ISE

As a developer, one of the features that I use most in nearly any IDE is the Comment/Uncomment feature while I am writing code or scripts.  This allows me to easily test out a piece of functionality and then comment it out until I finally get all the pieces working the way I want.

Therefore, most IDEs and editors typically have this functionality built-in, so I was very shocked to discover that the PowerShell ISE DOES NOT have this feature!!  (Can you believe it??)

In the past, I have simply reverted to using PowerGUI or Sapien Technologies PrimalScript, but since PowerGUI was recently purchased by Dell, PowerGUI has not had any updates in the last several months. 

Therefore, it seems that the only full-featured AND regularly maintained PowerShell Editor now on the market is Sapien Technologies PrimalScript!  The tool is a bit pricey but if you regularly work with PowerShell scripts, the cost is well worth it.  You can download a trial version of PrimalScript from here to test it out for yourself:

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