Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Re-creating Windows Azure VMs

I recently encountered an issue where one of my Windows Azure VMs was completely unresponsive to connection requests even though the Azure Management Portal stated that the virtual machine was running!

I followed the troubleshooting steps outlined here:

I first tried deleting the RDP endpoint and re-creating it.  As you can already guess this did not work.  I also tried resizing the VM, once again, same result.

So I was finally left with the option of re-creating the virtual machine.

When you click on the Delete icon for the selected virtual machine, select the option "Keep Attached Disks"

Next, when you click on Create a New Virtual Machine-->From Gallery, select the option "My Disks".  This is where you can select the existing VHD from the virtual machine you just deleted.

When you re-create the virtual machine, you will be prompted to select the Cloud Service, so you should select the same cloud service the virtual machine was using earlier.  In addition, you will be prompted to provide a host name for the virtual machine.  If you remember the old host name of the server, you should use the previous host name to ensure everything works correctly just as it was working earlier.

If all of the steps were followed correctly, you should be able to log into your newly restored virtual machine!!

That is all there is to it!!

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