Friday, October 10, 2014

Send e-mails through Windows Azure

If you want to send e-mail messages through Windows Azure, you can go through the trouble of setting up IIS SMTP and then configuring it to work with your e-mail provider or host such as GMail, Yahoo!, GoDaddy etc. or you can use one of various SMTP Hosting providers that provide SMTP Relay services.

If you are using Windows Azure, using an SMTP Relay service becomes easier with SendGrid (

SendGrid is available as an add-on to Windows Azure and it offers a variety of pricing options including sending 25,000 e-mail messages per month for FREE!!!

Best of all, you can simply set up your Windows Azure Virtual Machine for the standard SMTP port of 25 and then just configure your application to use the SendGrid user credentials to send e-mail messages.  That is all there is to it!!!

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