Monday, October 6, 2014

Upgrading older versions of Visual SourceSafe databases

I recently was working on a project for a client where they had a Visual SourceSafe database dating back more than 15 years!

As you can probably guess, they wanted to migrate that old VSS database to TFS as well.  I was able to successfully open the database in VSS 2005 and run the analyze and repair but when I went to run the VSS to TFS upgrade, I got the following error message:

Well, as it turns out, the database was running a much older version of VSS than v. 6.0!!  Therefore, it required an upgrade before I could successfully migrate the source code over to TFS.

Fortunately, MSDN had an article on how to run the upgrade on the VSS database to prepare it for migration to TFS:

I had to run the ddupd command against the VSS database in order to upgrade it to the latest version of VSS (VSS 2005). 

Once I upgraded the VSS database, I was able to successfully run the VSS to TFS upgrade wizard and begin the migration process!

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