Thursday, February 26, 2015

Acronis True Image vs. Easeus Partition Master

I have been using Acronis True Image for imaging my computer and cloning my disks for a number of years.  Recently, I was offered a tremendous discount on purchasing Easeus Partition Master, so I decided to purchase it and give it a spin.

As far as overall User Interface, Acronis True Image definitely shines.  However, Easeus Partition Master comes to the rescue when you need it most.

Example, I recently replaced one of the hard drives on my Netgear ReadyNAS device and I wanted to use it on one of my Windows Desktops.

I tried to clone my disk numerous times using Acronis True Image and I repeatedly got the error message: "Clone disk operation failed."  I was never able to get the reason for the error message from the User Interface so I gave up attempting to clone the disk any further using Acronis True Image.

Since I had just recently purchased Easeus Partition Master, I decided to give it a whirl as well.  Not only did Easeus Partition Master clone the drive, but the software also ran on Windows Server 2012 R2!!  I could install Easeus Partition Master on my Server OS and manage my partitions and perform various other operations without having to pay the extremely costly fees for the Server OS supported version of Acronis True Image (Acronis Backup & Recovery).

Overall, for features and functionality Easeus Partition Master is definitely worth the price and I would highly recommend it for anyone looking for a robust and reliable partition management and disk cloning utility.

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