Wednesday, February 25, 2015

AutoSPInstaller requiring the sysadmin server role

I was working with a recent version of AutoSPInstaller to install SharePoint 2013 and after completing the configuration of the AutoSPInstallerInput xml file and running the AutoSPInstaller script, I received the following error message:

"service_name" does not have the sysadmin role!

Well, this error message came as quite a surprise because Microsoft documents in MSDN that only the dbcreator and securityadmin SQL Server roles are required to install and configure SharePoint.

After finding this discussion thread on CodePlex:, I discovered that the PerformancePoint Service was causing AutoSPInstaller to enforce this validation check.

This was basically being enforced for backwards compatibility with SharePoint 2010, so as soon as I removed the section for installing the PerformancePoint Service from the AutoSPInstallerInput xml file, this validation check was no longer enforced!

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