Sunday, June 5, 2016

Using a blank Sitefinity Project as a reference project for Sitefinity upgrades

When you are working with Sitefinity upgrades from one version to another, you frequently need to determine what the reference blank project looks like from the newer version.

Well, fortunately, when you use the Sitefinity Project Manager, in the same directory as the ProjectManager or SitefinityCMS executable is a directory called _EmptyProject!!

If you look inside this _EmptyProject directory, you will see the complete directory structure for the corresponding version of the Sitefinity Project Manager executable.

Therefore, if you just downloaded Sitefinity v. 9.1, then the _EmptyProject directory will contain the reference blank project for Sitefinity v. 9.1 in the _EmptyProject directory!

So, if you are upgrading from Sitefinity v. 8.2 to Sitefinity v. 9.1, you can use a tool such as Beyond Compare to make sure the upgrade occurred correctly by comparing your upgraded project to the reference _EmptyProject directory.

Neat, huh??

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