Friday, July 8, 2016

Customizing Work Items for Visual Studio Online

When it comes to modifying work items for Team Foundation Server, you can do this pretty readily using the Team Foundation Server Power Tools which includes a Process Editor.

However, when you are working with Visual Studio Online, this type of customization is not readily available to you and the options for customization are much more limited.

You can get an overview of the types of customizations that you can complete by taking a look at this article:

Add or modify a work item type

But, this article is probably one of the ones you will need to focus on:

Customize a field for a process

On the bright side, if you take a look at the roadmap for Visual Studio Online, you will see that they have quite a few things planned:

Lastly, if you are stuck on customizing your Visual Studio Online Process, you can always e-mail the Visual Studio Online customization team:

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