Friday, July 29, 2016

Time Tracking for Team Foundation Server/Visual Studio Online

One of the most highly requested features for Team Foundation Server and Visual Studio Online is to add support for a timer or a similar time tracking feature that allows users of TFS and VSO to track the ACTUAL time spent on a particular Work Item Task.

Unfortunately, Microsoft is quite adamant about not providing support for this functionality within the base TFS/VSO product as evidenced by this UserVoice item:

However, this UserVoice item was declined back in 2013, but there is another UserVoice item which is still active that might garner some attention for the either TFS 2015 or the next release of TFS if enough people vote on this UserVoice item:

Aside from that, there are a few commercial options for TFS Time Tracking:

There is also a free project called TFS Working On, but this project seems to no longer being actively developed for recent releases of TFS:

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