Saturday, July 9, 2016

Deploying Releases using Octopus Deploy and Jetbrains TeamCity

If you are using Octopus Deploy for your Release Management process, you can use the Octopus Deploy TeamCity plugin to assist in your deployments!

You can read about the TeamCity plugin here:

Using Octopus Deploy provides many benefits over standard script-based deployments as outlined here:

You can use one of 4 different build steps in TeamCity:

  • Create Release
  • Deploy Release
  • Promote Release
  • Push Packages

The most common build steps you will probably use are the "Create Release" or "Deploy Release" build steps:

One of the unfortunate parts of these build steps, however, is that the API Key does not allow parameterization, so you have to either enter this API Key manually each time or else derive from a Build Configuration Template in order to be able to inherit this property.  All other parameters in this build step can be parameterized readily through TeamCity.

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