Saturday, July 16, 2016

Failed to delete storage account

I was attempting to delete one of my storage account containers in the new Windows Azure Portal, when I suddenly encountered this error message:

I went to link provided in the error message:

This indicated that I needed to switch the Azure Classic Portal in order to rectify this problem!

I needed to go into my Virtual Machines and check the disks and images.

When I initially looked at my Virtual Machines, there were none there!

However, the article further stated that the Disks and Images might still exist so I proceeded to check my Disks:

Sure enough, the disk was still there!  I went ahead and deleted the disk and then moved on to the Images:

Once again, I went ahead and deleted the Image.

Now, when I went back to the new Windows Azure Portal, I tried to delete the storage account and got the successful message: "Successfully deleted storage account"!!

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