Friday, July 1, 2016

End of Life for Microsoft Enterprise Library Application Blocks...

I have been using the Microsoft Enterprise Library Application Blocks for years and years and recently I noticed for quite some time that these libraries have not been updated in years so I decided to go ahead and check out the CodePlex page for Enterprise Library to see if there has been any activity lately:

Of course, when I looked at the page, I was surprised to discover the following text:

This project is no longer under development.

Unity has new ownership and has relocated to GitHub.
The remainder of the application blocks will no longer be developed. However, the source will continue to be available. We encourage any interested parties to fork the source as desired.

Well, that is very unfortunate!  So, it seems that the Unity Dependency Injection Block would still be maintained but all of the other application blocks would be left to die off!!

In the past, I had heavily relied on the Logging and Exception Handling Application Blocks, but I may be switching to other frameworks such as ELMAH and log4Net now.  I will have to research what other frameworks might be available as alternatives to the Enterprise Library Application Blocks, but perhaps Microsoft at some future point in time will reconsider and develop these blocks once again for .NET Core!  I guess we can only cross our fingers and wait...

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