Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Visual Studio support for Beyond Compare with Git

If you have worked with Git inside of Visual Studio, you probably quickly discovered that the Git integration in Visual Studio does not provide support for any 3rd party tools such as Beyond Compare out-of-the-box (unlike TFS Integration).

But, as they say, where there is a will, there is a way!

Therefore, a clever developer has provided Git Extensions for Visual Studio:

This is further dependent on the installation of the Git Extensions project:

Once you have installed both of these tools, you will get a menu similar to the following:

Then, once you click on "Git Config" in the left hand navigation menu, you will get options similar to the following:

In this configuration, you can setup support for Beyond Compare!

Unfortunately, the integration is not quite complete with Visual Studio since when you open up the Repository Settings in Visual Studio, you will discover that only the "Merge Tool" displays as BeyondCompare4 while the "Diff Tool" still displays as Visual Studio.

Oh well!  Maybe they will fix this slight oversight in a future release of Git Extensions!

Also, if you want Microsoft to include support for Beyond Compare and other 3rd party diffing and merging tools, you should vote for this UserVoice item here:

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