Sunday, June 17, 2012

Microsoft.Net 3rd Party Control Vendors

I was just browsing through MSDN magazine the other day and I was wondering what other .Net Control/Component Vendors that are in the marketplace.

Now, of course, there are probably thousands (or even millions) of smaller component vendors, but I would imagine that the biggest players in the market would probably have sufficient revenue to take out full page ads (sometimes even multiple full page ads) in MSDN Magazine, so in any case, here they are:

  1. Devexpress
  2. Telerik
  3. ComponentOne
  4. ComponentArt
  5. Xceed
  6. GrapeCity
  7. Spreadsheet Gear
  8. Syncfusion
Perhaps in a future blogpost I can begin posting reviews of each of these individual control vendors.  So far I have only used controls amongst these following vendors:

  1. Infragistics
  2. Devexpress
  3. Telerik
  4. ComponentOne

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