Friday, June 1, 2012

Visual Studio 2012 RC--First Look

Visual Studio 2012 Release Candidate was just released yesterday for MSDN subscribers.

Below are some screenshots from the installation:

Based on reading this article and looking at the screenshots, I almost had the impression that the RC looked better than it actually IS!:

As you can tell from the screenshots, though, they have added some splash of color to the otherwise gray and bland interface that was present in the Visual Studio 11 Beta.  However, the Solution Explorer and New Project dialogs are still relatively devoid of color.  Even the toolbar icons have barely visible color, so while the minor addition of color is an improvement over the beta, it is still barely noticeable.  

I am actually surprised that they did not add color to the folder icons in Solution Explorer since this seems like an obvious area to add color.  

I think the biggest shock to me was the complete grayness of Source Control Explorer when connecting to Team Foundation Server!

Navigating source control trees is one place where I really heavily rely on color to distinguish content and this is a huge disappointment to me!  I am really not sure how other developers can tolerate working in Source Control Explorer with Visual Studio 2012 RC...

You can vote on the feedback items related to the Visual Studio 2012 RC here:

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