Monday, June 11, 2012

Visual Studio 2012 and the death of Moles

Microsoft has recently published their edition comparison of features for Visual Studio 2012:

This is their original feature comparison for Visual Studio 2010:

As you can tell from the comparison chart, they have added a few features to the Premium edition which were not available before such as Lab Management capabilities and some of the newly added features such as PowerPoint Storyboarding.  However, on the whole, the Professional edition continues to get the short end of the stick with a very nominal set of features added to the Professional edition with the Visual Studio 2012 release vs. the prior Visual Studio 2010 release.

Most notably, the newly integrated Fakes framework for isolation testing in Unit Testing is reserved exclusively for developers with an MSDN Ultimate subscription.  With the Visual Studio 2010 release, Pex and Moles was available as an integrated add-on for MSDN Premium and Ultimate subscribers while Moles could be downloaded independently for free from the Visual Studio Gallery.

Of course, Moles is no longer being actively developed ( thereby leaving any developers that were previously using it with Visual Studio 2010 Professional high and dry to choose another alternative mocking framework.

Did Microsoft make the right decision to bundle Fakes exclusively with Visual Studio Ultimate or should Fakes be provided with Visual Studio Professional edition as well?  Perhaps it should be provided as a free download similar to Moles?

Let Microsoft know what you think and let your voice be heard!

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