Thursday, June 21, 2012

Thoughts on SharePoint 15

For those of you who have not yet worked with Windows Server 2012, you should know that .Net Framework v. 4.5 is being shipped out-of-the-box with the OS.

In addition, .Net Framework v. 4.5 ships with built-in support for Windows Identity Foundation (vs. add-on support for Windows Identity Foundation in .Net v. 3.5 and v. 4.0).

  1. Therefore, given the above information, it is highly probable that SharePoint 15 will be built-on .Net Framework v. 4.5 in order to leverage the new WIF capabilities. 
  2. Also, since .Net 4.5 currently only supports Windows Server 2008 R2 and Windows Server 2012, there is a high likelihood that Windows 2008 will no longer be a supported platform for SharePoint 15. 
  3. Since Claims are becoming ever more prevalent for providing security overall, including on the Windows Server 2012 platform (, it is likely that the preferred platform for deployment of SharePoint 15 with Claims-based authentication will be Windows Server 2012.
  4. Since Claims-based authentication is only supported with the release of SQL Server 2012, it is likely that the preferred database platform for the deployment of SharePoint 15 with Claims-based authentication will be SQL Server 2012.
Below is the current roadmap/release timeline for Microsoft's various products:

UPDATE: You can check out the Hardware and Software Requirements for SharePoint 15/2013 yourself here:

If you want to download SharePoint 2013 Preview, you can get it here:


  1. Hi,

    So you're basing this on that SharePoint 15 is going to use or require WIF.
    Can you explain in short details what WIF will do for SharePoint 15, and why it should use it?

  2. SharePoint 2010 already relies on the .Net 3.5 version of Windows Identity Foundation, so it is seems to be logical that the next release of SharePoint will leverage .Net 4.5 with built-in support for WIF.

  3. Actually, SharePoint 2013 is built on .Net 4.0 and not on .Net 4.5. The main reason is that .Net 4.5 has not been released yet, and SharePoint 2013 has been in development for quite some time now. If you remember, the same thing happened with SharePoint 2010.

    1. Actually, it is anticipated that Visual Studio 2012 will be released before SharePoint 15 (it is already in RC release). In addition, .Net 4.5 uses the same IIS Application Pools as .Net 4.0 (i.e. there is no .Net 4.5 Application Pool). Therefore, it is reasonable to assume that .Net 4.5 will be included as part of the final release for SharePoint 15.

      However, to ensure that SharePoint 15 is released on .Net 4.5, please vote on this UserVoice Feedback item to ensure that .Net 4.5 ships with SharePoint 15/2013 (instead of .Net 4.0) so that developers can begin leveraging the new Claims-based features that come with the base class library in .Net 4.5 and additional support for Claims-based development in Visual Studio 2012:

    2. The current SharePoint 2013 Preview release was built on .Net 4.5 after all! How about that!