Friday, May 16, 2014

Breadcrumbs missing from SharePoint 2013

If you have recently compared SharePoint 2010 with SharePoint 2013, you may have noticed that one of the major navigational features missing in SharePoint 2013 is breadcrumbs!

It is unclear as to why Microsoft removed this very useful feature, but fortunately, you can alter the Master Page in SharePoint Designer to bring back this feature in SharePoint 2013.

This article describes how to do just that:

Unfortunately, the directions do not tell you that you need to enable the SharePoint Publishing Feature to support this change!!

You can do that by the following:

  1. In Site Collection Features, activate the SharePoint Server Publishing Infrastrucutre
  2. In Manage Site Features, activate the SharePoint Server Publishing feature
  3. You should now see the Master Page link under Look and Feel 

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