Friday, May 2, 2014

SharePoint 2013 Error Message: “Sorry, we’re having trouble reaching the server. “

I was working in one of my SharePoint 2013 Development VMs when I suddenly received this error message:

After doing a bit of searching on the Internet, it seemed that the most likely culprit for this error message was that my system was running low on memory resources.

I took a quick look at Task Manager and sure enough, my memory usage was at 7.9 GB out of 8 GB total available.  Of course, this was a development VM, therefore, I was running both SQL Server 2012 with SP1 inside of the VM as well as SharePoint 2013 which could be a HUGE contributing factor to the heavy usage of memory.

I tried rebooting the server several times and performing an IISReset, but neither of these operations seemed to have any effect on ridding me of that error message.

So finally, I shutdown the VM and boosted the memory allocation to run on 12 GB of memory instead of the original 8 GB allocation and believe it or not--the error message went away!!

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  1. If you definitely sure that it`s failing due to query timeout try to update peoplepicker`s timeout in client`s js:


    SPClientPeoplePicker.UserQueryMaxTimeout = 25e3; ##<- this is default 25 sec, change it to 60