Thursday, May 1, 2014

"Do you want to reload it?" error message in PowerGUI

I have been working with PowerGUI for several years now and I have encountered a continual problem with it with pretty much every version I have used in the last couple of years.

The annoying problem that I am talking about is the "Do you want to reload it?" error message that has plagued my PowerShell development every single time I save a script.

It looks like it might be an innate problem with the design of the IDE since I have encountered a similar error message while using PowerSE:

Fortunately for me, however, I recently switched over to using Sapien Technologies PrimalScript 2014 (  This PowerShell IDE has no such problems and offers quite a good number of new features for PowerShell debugging as well.

Therefore, if you encounter this annoying error message every time you save a PowerShell script in PowerGUI, just know that you are not the only one!!!

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