Friday, May 16, 2014

SharePoint 2013 SP1 explained

As was the case with SharePoint 2010 SP1, SharePoint 2013 SP1 faced a similar fiasco upon its release.

In the case of SharePoint 2010 SP1, the June Cumulative Update was REQUIRED to be applied in order to resolve issues with the release of SP1.

However, with the release of SharePoint 2013 SP1, Microsoft took a different approach.  Instead of leaving the SP1 release as is, Microsoft recalled the original release and re-released SP1 here:

Of course, if you downloaded SharePoint 2013 with SP1, then Microsoft has not yet released an updated version of this download. 

If you read up on some articles on SharePoint 2013 SP1, you will probably figure out that the original release of SP1 does not contain the fixes available with the re-release of SP1 including support for SQL Server 2014!

So how do you resolve this issue?

Well, the simple solution simply involves downloading the re-released SP1 release and integrating it into the Updates folder of either the RTM or the slipstreamed SP1 media.  Both of these methods allow integrating the latest updates into the initial installation.  You simply download the SP1 executable and use the /extract:<file path> switch to extract the content.  You then copy the extracted content into the Updates folder of the SharePoint media and install!

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