Saturday, April 25, 2015

Changing the Url for Remote Desktop Services Web Access

I had recently set up an installation of Remote Desktop Services with an RD Session Host as well as RD Web Access with RemoteApps.

However, while RD Web Access worked just fine for internal users, when I went to access RD Web Access externally, it failed miserably because the internal DNS name did not resolve externally!

Well, what was I to do?

According to common recommendations, I would have to set up an RD Gateway in order for me to correctly route the traffic on the external network to the internal network so that RD Web Access would work correctly.

I wanted to avoid doing this if at all possible since I really did not want to install an RD Gateway on the same server nor did I want to set up a secondary server just to host the RD Gateway, so I began searching for alternative solutions.

Fortunately, just such a solution existed in the form of a PowerShell script!!

This TechNet article addresses just this issue!!

It provides a PowerShell script called Set-RDPublishedName.ps1 that allows you to change the published FQDN for an RD Web Access deployment.

Based on the article's outlined recommendations, I ran it directly on my RD Connection Broker server (the same as my RD Session Host server) and set the Url that I wanted to be my externally available FQDN.

As you can probably already guess, the script worked like a charm!  After running the script, I accessed my RemoteApps through RD Web Access and I was successfully able to open them by their externally available Url!  All without having to set up a special server to act as an RD Gateway!!

How cool is that??

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