Friday, April 24, 2015

Like LINQPad? Consider LINQ Insight!

If you like or LOVE LINQPad, you should definitely consider LINQ Insight by Devart:

One of the nice things about LINQ Insight is that it is offered as a plugin for Visual Studio which significantly improves the overall debugging and development experience for LINQ in your development applications.

With LINQ Pad, for example, when you are writing LINQ to Entity Framework queries, the syntax of writing the queries makes some assumptions about your underlying references to your Entity Framework references etc.  Therefore, when you go in and need to actually paste your code into your Visual Studio application, you have to make some minor changes to your application in order to get them to function within the context of your Entity Framework connection.

In addition, as many people know, when you download the free version of LINQ Pad, it is essentially crippled from providing any Intellisense/autocompletion capabilities, thereby, requiring you to purchase an edition of LINQPad with those Intellisense capabilities.

However, LINQ Insight offers a free version that retains the Intellisense features that we so know and love!  Of course, you can also purchase a Standard Edition license which has more features for profiling your LINQ queries and a few other handy features as well:

For a more complete comparison of the feature differences between LINQPad and LINQ Insight, you can check out this page:

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