Tuesday, April 28, 2015

End of Life for Sitefinity Community Edition

I have been using Sitefinity Community Edition for several years for several of the non-profit organization websites I have been working on, however, when I recently attempted to upgrade one of the websites to Sitefinity v. 8.0, I got an invalid license error message.

Well, after talking to the Sitefinity Sales team, it seems that the Sitefinity Community Edition has been discontinued/abolished!

These are the available editions of Sitefinity now:

  • Small Business Edition
  • Standard Edition
  • Professional Edition
  • Online Marketing Edition
  • Enterprise Edition
Small Business Edition still carries a $499 price tag so I can see many non-profit organizations turning elsewhere for free CMS systems such as Kentico (http://www.kentico.com/Download-Demo/Free-CMS-for-ASP-NET) or Orchard CMS (http://www.orchardproject.net/)

This turn of events is very unfortunate for many non-profit organizations that were previously using Sitefinity as their CMS, but hopefully they will find better free alternatives out there.

As for many of the current non-profit websites I work on today, I am planning on moving/migrating them to Orchard CMS due to their rich theme gallery and Orchard's native support for ASP.NET MVC and Bootstrap.

If you find some great free ASP.NET CMS alternatives to Sitefinity Community Edition, feel free to leave your comments below!

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