Saturday, May 9, 2015

Moving SharePoint to a new server for Team Foundation Server

I recently had to move my Team Foundation server installation along with my SharePoint installation to new hardware in a new hosting environment.

The Team Foundation Server migration was reasonably simple, but the article for moving SharePoint to new hardware for TFS was surprisingly sparse:

After performing a content database detach and reattach, I was successfully able to see my SharePoint Site Collections.

I then had to go into the Team Foundation Server Administration Console and fix up the Url settings for my SharePoint Site Collections to point to my new SharePoint installation.

However, as soon as I was done with that, I browsed to my SharePoint TFS Team Site and encountered the following error message:

TF262600: This SharePoint site was created using a site definition that requires data from Team Foundation Server.  However, the site is not currently associated with data from a team project.  To ensure that this site functions correctly, you must configure a team project to refer data for that project to this site.

Well, this error made absolutely no sense since I had done just that!!

After a bit more thought and digging around for clues, I determined that I was supposed to configure the SharePoint extensions for TFS on my SharePoint Server via the Team Foundation Server Administration Console.

I opened the console and clicked on the link for Grant access:

After doing this, lo and behold, my TFS SharePoint Site Collection was fixed!!

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