Sunday, May 17, 2015

Why I still need Classic Shell on Windows 10

If you haven't already checked out Windows 10, you may have heard that Microsoft brought back the Start menu.

Unfortunately, even though the Start menu is much, much improved and very similar to what was present in Windows 8/8.1, it is STILL not exactly the same as Windows 7. 

Microsoft has attempted to merge the Metro Tile interface with an updated look to the Windows 7 Start menu, but has simultaneously removed convenient shortcuts to the Control Panel, Devices and Printers and the Run Command!!

If you are like me, you probably use these all the time (especially if you are a developer), so it is probably reasonably to think that you would miss these convenient shortcuts and instead have to spend time typing in Control Panel to bring it up or navigating through some other menus to otherwise gain access to these previously readily available menu items.  Even worse, the Run command has completely disappeared from the Start menu!!  It seems that the "Search the web and Windows" field is the "all-in-one" substitute for the Run command, but I personally like simply being able to open a command without waiting for Windows to search through all possible likely matches while typing in my command. 

Therefore, for the time being, I still need a tool like Classic Shell to replace the Windows 10 Start Menu:

If you are like me and think that Microsoft should bring back more of these previously available shortcuts from Windows 7 to the Windows 10 Start menu, then you should vote on this UserVoice item here:

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