Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Figuring out Build Parameter values in TeamCity

If you work with build parameters in TeamCity, you may configure your own build parameters, or you may end up using the built-in build parameters that TeamCity provides.

The problem with using TeamCity's build parameters though is that it is not easy to determine what the expected values are based on their names!

So how exactly do you figure out what the values are for each of these pre-defined build parameters?

Quite easily in fact!  You simply run a build in TeamCity for your build configuration!

Now, when you go into the dialog for the completed build, you will see an option for "Parameters"

When you click on Parameters, you will see a list of all the values populated for the TeamCity Parameters:

Now, you can see all of the values that TeamCity is using for all of the various parameters and you can use them accordingly in your build steps and build configurations!

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