Friday, December 4, 2015

OzCode for Visual Studio Debugging

I was recently browsing around the MSDN site while I was doing some .NET research when I suddenly came across this website:

The site promises "Your Road to Magical Debugging".

Well, I decided to read more about the features of OzCode here:

After reading about the features, I was incredibly impressed and decided to download a trial for myself.

When I am doing a lot of debugging, particularly when I am refactoring and learning new code, I tend to write lots of expressions in the Immediate Window and adding a lot of values into the Watch windows.  I also tend to lose a lot of time when I encounter exceptions in the code base when I am trying to figure out how some code or a .NET class works.

Much to my surprise, OzCode lived up to all of its expectations!  I was able to view exceptions before they were going to occur and I could easily hover over all the variables in my code at a single glance (using Magic Glance) to see their values without having to write them into expression windows.  Whenever I encountered if statement blocks, OzCode would immediately highlight which code was going to execute in the if block. 

After using it for just a day, I was so amazed by the time savings that it provided, that I decided to buy it that same day!

You can try it out for yourself and see how it really provides "The Road to Magical Debugging".

If you like it as much as I do, if you are an MSDN Subscriber, you can snag yourself a 20% discount off licenses of OzCode:

Happy Debugging!

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