Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Understanding TeamCity Checkout Rules

At some point in time while using TeamCity, you may find that you need to provide checkout rules to control the directory or directories in which TeamCity pulls code from your source control tree (VCS Root).

Well, if you read over the dialog for the checkout rules, you may find this very confusing at first:

If you read over the TeamCity documentation on using checkout rules, it is only slightly more helpful:

Therefore, what is an actual example of how to use checkout rules?

In this dialog, I am using +:. (the . means the root of the checkout directory) and mapping it to a Common directory by using the => notation. 

Thus, TeamCity will create a Common directory on the file system before pulling the source code from the VCS Root/Source Control Repository.  Then, it will automatically take the contents of the VCS Root and place it in the Common directory instead of in the root of the build checkout/build working directory. 

That is all there is to it!!

Simpler than you thought, huh???

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