Monday, December 21, 2015

Mozilla Firefox 64-bit vs. Google Chrome 64-bit

Ever since Mozilla Firefox FINALLY released a 64-bit version of their browser, I began comparing my usage of numerous tabs open in Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.

After closing and re-opening Firefox numerous times, I had no trouble re-loading Firefox even with 100+ tabs open.

However, as soon as I attempted to accomplish the same thing with Google Chrome with even only 50+ tabs open, I got the following error message:

I could neither kill the offending tab nor wait a sufficient time for the browser to finally load the page!

This problem effectively deadlocked my Google Chrome browser and prevented it from loading any other pages making my Google Chrome browser COMPLETELY USELESS!!

I tried closing and re-opening Google Chrome numerous times in order to rectify this problem, but it seemed to make no difference.

Needless to say, Google Chrome does not handle a large number of tabs open simultaneously very well.

I looked at how Google Chrome was storing my browsing data and I found this:

The amount of data that Google Chrome was storing and caching significantly slows down the browser after a period of time and prevents pages from loading quickly.  Until you clear out your cache and browsing history, Google Chrome will continue to run very slowly!

I will continue to use Google Chrome as part of my development processes and testing, but I will now more heavily rely on Mozilla Firefox 64-bit to handle my MAJOR web researching and browsing needs!!


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