Thursday, March 26, 2015

Migrating TeamCity to a new server environment

I recently had to migrate a Jetbrains TeamCity installation to a brand new server environment including a brand new instance of SQL Server.

If you have already read my earlier post:, the process is pretty much the same as earlier.

  1. Install a fresh copy of Jetbrains TeamCity
  2. Stop the TeamCity Server and Build Agent services
  3. Copy over the TeamCityData directory to the new server (in some cases only the config and lib directories are needed)
  4. Restore the existing TeamCity database to the new SQL Server
  5. Update the file to point to the new SQL Server
  6. Restart the TeamCity Server and Build Agent services
  7. Verify that you can log into the new system

One of the things that I noticed, however, after the migration was that my NuGet settings were not retained.  Therefore, I had to update the version of my NuGet executable in the Administration section to point to the desired version.

That was all there was to it!!

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