Sunday, March 29, 2015

VMWare Workstation automatically suspends/pauses Windows 10 VMs

I had recently built a Windows 10 virtual machine in VMWare Workstation when I noticed that the VM was automatically suspending/pausing without any user interaction from me!

Well, this was very curious because this never occurred when I was using my Windows Server 2012 R2 VMs (or any Server VM for that matter).

Therefore, I figured there was something specific to my Windows 10 configuration that was triggering this behavior which would not be triggered in my Windows Server virtual machines.

Well, I decided to check out the Power Options in the Control Panel to see if the underlying Guest OS was going to sleep or hibernating:

As you can tell from the screenshot above, the display was being turned off and the computer was being put to sleep after 30 minutes!

Well, I decided to change the Power Plan settings to the following:

As you can probably guess, changing this setting resolved my issue of VMWare automatically suspending my Windows 10 virtual machine!!

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