Sunday, March 1, 2015

VMWare Shared Folders not appearing in VMWare Guest Machine

I just recently upgraded to VMWare Workstation v. 11.1.0 and noticed that none of my Shared Folders were appearing from any of my earlier virtual machines!

Even after running the VMWare Tools Upgrader, my Shared Folders were still not appearing even after several reboots of the Guest OS!

I figured this was a problem with the installation of the VMWare Tools and that the new version was not properly upgrading the VMWare Tools on the system nor recognizing earlier versions of the VMWare Tools to cause this behavior.

Therefore, I decided to completely uninstall VMWare Tools from the Guest OS and then re-install them from scratch.

As expected, this resolved the issue with my Shared Folders not appearing and I was once again able to use Shared Folders within my VM!!

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