Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Using Build Configuration Dependencies in Jetbrains TeamCity

I recently had a need to use Build Configuration Dependencies in TeamCity since my Code Analysis operations (FxCop and StyleCop) were significantly increasing the build time.

Unfortunately, even after adding the Build Dependency as a Snapshot Dependency, I could not get the build runners to successfully execute!

Well, after posting my question on the TeamCity Discussion Forum, I discovered that I had to change the build checkout directory (in Version Control Settings) even though I was not using an attached VCS Root!

Well, I dug into the Version Control Settings and I found this option:

I basically had to reference this property from my dependent Build Configuration:

The format of the value was %dep.<BuildConfigurationName>

After changing this value, my Dependent Build Configuration executed my FxCop and StyleCop build steps successfully!!

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