Saturday, March 14, 2015

Google is now selling Domain Names!

If you haven't seen the latest news on Google, they are now selling Domain Names!

The site is currently labeled as "Beta" but I definitely hope that Google gets into the Domain Name business.

Having worked with numerous domain name providers including Network Solutions,, and several others, I am well aware of the price gouging strategy that many of these companies follow.

They initially get you to purchase a domain name for as low as $0.50/yr or $0.99 for the 1st year and then when your domain name is up for renewal, it suddenly jumps up in price drastically anywhere from $12 - $35/yr!!

Based on looking over the Google Domains site, it seems that Google is trying to put an end to this price gouging strategy and attempt to keep domain name prices relatively stable at around $12/yr! 

Though you are paying more upfront to initially purchase a domain, it comes with some peace of mind that Google will not attempt to resort to these sneaky tricks to get you to purchase a domain name and then subsequently radically increase the price the following year.

I guess we can only wait and see how the other competing Domain Name vendors react to Google's recent announcement, but hopefully Google's entrance into the Domain Name arena will only spell good news for consumers.

You can check out Google's Domain Name Registration site here:

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