Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Multiple versions of Entity Framework NuGet Packages in a single Visual Studio Solution

I was recently reviewing a development solution I had been working on after the NuGet Packages in the Solution had been recently updated.

In order to review all of the NuGet Packages for the Solution, I right-clicked on the Solution and selected "Manage NuGet Packages for Solution"

To my surprise, I discovered that there were 2 versions of Entity Framework installed!

In order to consolidate all of my projects to use the same version of Entity Framework, I clicked on the Manage button for EntityFramework

This brought up a list of all of the projects in the Solution:

I then unchecked all of the projects which had the older version of EntityFramework installed (v. 6.12)

After EntityFramework successfully uninstalled from the specified projects, I proceeded to open the other NuGet EntityFramework package reference (v. 6.13)

Finally, I checked the boxes for the projects I wanted to install the newer version of EntityFramework:

That allowed me to consolidate all of my projects to use the exact same NuGet Package reference of EntityFramework!!

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