Sunday, March 22, 2015

Unable to mount ISO image in Hyper-V Generation 2 VM

I am relatively new to Hyper-V and I had no idea about the differences between Hyper-V Generation 1 and Hyper-V Generation 2 VMs.

Naturally, when I saw the option to choose between them, I chose Generation 2 because newer is better--right??

Well, I soon found out that this was not the case in the case of Hyper-V. 

I attached an ISO image that I had created from Easeus Todo Backup Technician and I suddenly discovered that I could not boot from the ISO image!

I had no such problems with booting from this ISO image in VMWare so I was totally and utterly confused.

I found a few articles indicating that I had to turn off "Secure Boot" in order to get the ISO image to boot, but that did not work either.

In the end, I reverted to the good old reliable Generation 1 Hyper-V VM and I was able to readily boot from the ISO image and perform a server restore.

Therefore, if you encounter such issues with any ISO images, it is better to stick with Hyper-V Generation 1 VMs.

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